What brain foods make you more productive?

Working days in the modern world will often go by in something of a blur and the busiest business folk among us will can tend only to consider food at…

Working days in the modern world will often go by in something of a blur and the busiest business folk among us will can tend only to consider food at a moment’s notice and to simply grab whatever might be around.

So, leaving aside coffee and energy drinks as a source of an instant lift, how can we aim to boost our productivity with food? Let’s take a closer look.

Plan ahead

Planning your meals in advance significantly increases the odds that you will stick with something healthy. Making impulsive choices about what to eat leaves us all susceptible to temptations and to the allure of instantly appealing foods that offer relatively very little nutritional value.

Keep it wholesome

Wholesome foods such as oats, nuts or vegetables give your body and your brain energy over a much longer period than sugary or fatty treats. The reason is simply that glucose in more wholesome foods takes much longer to be burnt up and used by your body, whereas unhealthy foods provide a productivity boost for only a very brief period and usually less than an hour. So if you’re aiming to stay alert for more of your working day then it is much better to eat food offering slower releases of energy than to indulge yourself with rather more calorific alternatives.

Learn to graze

Snacking is a great temptation for millions of men and women who spend their working days sat at desks beavering away on computers but it needn’t really be a great fear to be avoided at all costs. It all depends of course on precisely what you’re snacking on.

Eating crisps, chocolate or sweets out of habit over the course of an 8-hour day at work is not likely to liven you up and might generally leave you feeling sluggish. By replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit or nuts or carrots for example can have the opposite effect and give you a better chance of staying focused for longer.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Drink lots of water through the day, nothing slows you down more than dehydration, water does more than just hydrate we are 60% water after all. Drinking water is low calorie, helps energise muscles and is good for your skin.

Good water intake can also help your kidneys as well as keeping you regular, who knew a simple glass of water had so many benefits!

Try these top brain foods

Foods can’t generally provide the kind of instant brain power boost that caffeine drinks can but maintaining a healthy diet can help keep your energy levels up for longer on a day-to-day basis.

Opinions vary on exactly what the best brain foods actually are but there are a number of usual suspects that we know can be good for improving our neural functions. Among them are nuts and seeds of all sorts, blueberries, which contain some vital antioxidants, fish, which are packed with omega-3 and dark chocolate, which contains caffeine and can help provide stimulation in food form.

A good diet is a good idea regardless of the motivations but if you are aiming to stay sharper for longer during your working day then eating well is a long-term option that is sure to make a positive difference. The trouble though is not so much finding a healthy routine but sticking to it not just for a matter of days or weeks but for months and years.

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