Business Travel: Are you wasting time by checking luggage?

It goes without saying that international air travel can be time consuming. Once transport to the airport, early check-ins and security clearance times have been factored in, minutes can be…

It goes without saying that international air travel can be time consuming. Once transport to the airport, early check-ins and security clearance times have been factored in, minutes can be a little short. Even then, there’s the possibility of delay and that nervous, ‘toe-tapping’ wait at the other end of the flight as you wait for your checked in luggage to arrive.

There’s the kicker, for the average business traveller a trip will not last more than three days, often making checked luggage an unnecessary and bulky hindrance. To top that off, more airlines are opting to charge more for tickets to flyers with larger luggage requirements and less to those willing to walk straight on.

For an international meeting traveller, the convenience of packing precisely what you need into a compact piece of luggage can be game changing. Especially if it means you don’t have to send your beloved possessions into the abyss, in the hope that they will make a timely return at the other end of the trip.

There are business benefits too, that go beyond the cheaper ticket offerings that some airlines are offering to hand luggage only travellers. Hand luggage only is greener, less weight carried means less fuel consumed, which is perfect for the environmentally conscious. Flying hand luggage only also saves an extra 30 minutes of your journey on average, meaning there is more time to spend face to face with colleagues, or just having an extra moment before heading into an important meeting with a new partner.

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Considering becoming a hand luggage regular? Here are a few tips and tricks for getting around more quickly and more cheaply:


  1. Choose the right bag

There are a plethora of options, but a bag that keeps technology in accessible locations and keeps your suit straight needs to be higher on the list. Gate 8 luggage has the advantage of both while allowing extra room for casual clothing and essentials as well. The company have also made sure that their bags fit into all hand luggage requirements across airlines in the UK. Check out the range here


  1. Choose the right jacket

There’s a ‘carry on jacket’ currently raising funds on Kickstarter that sports no less than 9 pockets for passengers looking to maximise packing space on flights. The hood even inflates into a convenient travel pillow for shuteye. It’s currently one of the highest funded Kickstarter campaigns ever.  If this looks a little informal, have a gander at some of the other options available. Some mac style jackets boast up to 17 pockets, so there’s no chance of leaving anything behind.


  1. Don’t arrive TOO late

Obviously the point of flying hand luggage only is that you don’t have to check your luggage and save time on your journey. Airlines do occasionally run out of cabin space in which case they will check your luggage anyway. If you are flying economy, be sure to arrive in good time to make sure you aren’t waiting for your checked hand luggage at the end anyway!

In a recent blog post for Business Traveller, Alistair Callender of Gate 8 Luggage had this advice:

‘Selecting the correct tools such as a bag or an alert within your self-booking tool for travelling staff offers companies an exceptional way of showing their teams that both the small and the big things contribute towards overall success. Efficiency and effectiveness count and companies that demonstrate attention to detail will make more profit.’

Happy Hand Luggage Travelling!

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