Did the earth, the sun and the moon move for you?

We take the sun for granted. It hangs around, doesn’t ask for much and does its job. Then, once every so often it announces its importance and disappears from view.…

We take the sun for granted. It hangs around, doesn’t ask for much and does its job. Then, once every so often it announces its importance and disappears from view. Clever thing. We stand and gaze, stunned at the whole shebang.  As we catch a glimpse of our tiny planet’s place in the universe, we are reminded that our lives are beholden to a mighty force.

Some experiences are so striking that we’d be mad to miss them. They change us. Forever.  The same can be said for places. The only problem is, what if these places are so special you’ll never be able to get there, like, EVER, in this lifetime? I mean, take a fortnight in the island of Mustique, or a little trip to space on the Virgin Galactic.

Which brings me to Clare.


Clare de Brett is Meetingrooms.com Business Development Manager.

Clare has her very own ‘stunning places almanac’ — but it is an open book: every single one of Clare’s special venues, you can get to experience, if you want, and they don’t cost the moon and the stars to get there!

The only problem with opening Clare’s almanac is you have to be prepared for all sorts of new experiences. For example, I now envy Clare. I didn’t before her visit to Raven’s Ait – the stunning two-acre dream Island situated on the river in Kingston upon Thames, London – but I do now.

Clare’s description of Raven’s Ait reminds me of why we need special places; places that create memories and open up conversations; places that arouse our imagination and stimulate creativity. Places that are put together with so much care, designed with so much love that you simply have to go. Have to.

So, I asked Clare to share her experience with you:

What do you love about Raven’s Ait?

Clare: It’s so unique – Raven’s Ait is on a private Island only accessible by boat. It just feels like you are a million miles from anything else in the world, when actually you are in between Kingston and Surbiton, only a 20 minute ride from Waterloo and from Surbiton! It’s crazy – it’s so calming and relaxing with London buzzing around you in the distance. Heaven.

What excites you most about this space?

They have lots of different venues and spaces for massive events and for smaller events. Then the gardens offer a whole new angle. They are breath-taking, simply gorgeous to walk around: the perfect place to get away and brainstorm because you really can get to walk around in nature and think and breathe.

What makes it an ideal place for a meeting or event?

It’s private and contained, but not claustrophobic at all – it’s inspirational.
It also gives you space yet keeps everyone together – no distractions, you and your team get to stay on the island. So, delegates get to wander off during lunch breaks, maybe head back to their groups, do emails. Terrific for creative meetings.

Well, envy drove me to take the trip. Yep!

I can now confirm, that once off the ferry, the earth moved for me at Raven’s Ait, and it didn’t cost the sun, moon and stars either!

Exterior island good

Go on, put your envy to bed and check out this outrageously fabulous space. You won’t regret it. Enjoy.

Emer McCourt

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Emer McCourt is our head of content and digital marketing strategist. She is an award-winning producer and published author, and so she brings bags of experience and enthusiasm to the meetingrooms.com team.

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