How to Make the Most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than just a tool for finding a new job or reconnecting with former colleagues. With more than 200 million professionals on the network, there are plenty of…

LinkedIn is more than just a tool for finding a new job or reconnecting with former colleagues. With more than 200 million professionals on the network, there are plenty of ways in which companies large and small can use the platform to generate leads and win more business.

Here are what should be some of the key areas of focus.

Your pages

The best place to start when you’re aiming to make use of LinkedIn as a networking tool and as a way of potentially winning business is with your own pages on the platform. Your profile as an individual and as a company is important as a means of projecting positive messages and telling the world what you’re all about.

The way the platform works means that a LinkedIn profile needs to be quite self-contained and to the point but there is still plenty of scope to offer some worthwhile detail about yourself or about your company. The more compelling you can make the content on your LinkedIn profile pages the better but links to webpages offering more in-depth information should always be included as well.


The introductions element of LinkedIn is a key strength of the platform and it allows users to introduce two parties to one another in much the same way as might happen in a traditional real-world networking environment. Users can ask their connections to introduce them to people they know or have links to and the platform itself is usually quick to point out some of the potential new connections that could be made.

The idea behind the introductions process of course is that professionals or company bosses might succeed in impressing potential customers or at least raising awareness of the services they offer. It is unlikely that every introduction will lead to new work or business for a company but with a little persistence it is very possible that worthwhile connections can be made.


InMails are another important weapon in the armoury of LinkedIn users looking to generate leads through the platform. As you might be able to guess, it allows users to send messages to specific individuals who they feel might be interested in their services.

LinkedIn guarantees that its InMails will always be received but can’t promise that they will be opened. So the key point for businesses or professionals using InMails as an outreach option is to avoid coming across as spam and sending out messages on a large-scale or wholly speculative basis.

Join groups

There are hundreds of groups formed on LinkedIn and many of them draw in a huge amount of engagement from users around specific topics. By joining in with conversations in contexts that matter to your company, it is possible, though not always easy, to raise your profile in a positive way among people you know are keenly interested in matters relating to your field of operations.

Post regularly

Using LinkedIn in ways that really work requires commitment and persistence. Establishing a profile that reflects well on yourself or your company is very important as a basis for using the network but it should only be viewed as a first step.

Making posts on a regular basis and contributing to debates that matter to your potential customers or clients is the best way to attract the right kind of attention and generate leads via LinkedIn.

For business-to-business brands and service providers, LinkedIn is emerging as the networking website of choice and the full scope of its utility is still being discovered. So if you aren’t already, it is time to start using the platform with a clear focus and the kind of effort and diligence that can make a difference and help your company profile stand out from the crowds.

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