Inspiring Office Spaces

Spaces can be powerful, evocative or disastrous. Boring, uninspiring places can devour our energy and gobble up our will to live.

Stop and look around the space you are in. Someone…

Spaces can be powerful, evocative or disastrous. Boring, uninspiring places can devour our energy and gobble up our will to live.

Stop and look around the space you are in. Someone made it. Thought of it. Worked on it. Do you like what they’ve done? Truth is that this person, whoever they are, is directly impacting on your mood and behaviour right now.

We want to offer you a heady mix of some of our gorgeous spaces – guaranteed to stimulate your senses, your creativity and turn up your attention to detail. So if you find yourself needing an extra lift: look no further… we’ve got just what you need.

Aldersgate City of London



The spacious layout of this workspace is jaw-dropping (not a good look for board meetings, we know!). The extensive halls, and towering windows are very cinematic. Sit here and dream of Hollywood.

London’s Tech City



This space is airy, bright and gorgeous. It is also accompanied by a roof terrace, which gives a feeling of space and possibilities beyond… the end result is a simple yet inspirational working environment.


Shared Office In Clerkenwell

Shared Office In Clerkenwell

The wooden floor & exposed-brickwork help create a dynamic, start-up vibe.

The subtle quirky furniture is also a big plus, and yes, I’m looking at you tiny chairs, for short meetings!



Colourful chairs, fake grass, and phone booths compose a light-hearted décor that is bound to put a smile on your face.

Every turn you make you’ll find a pop of colour or quirky detail to delight the senses. Personally, I am a fan of the art-work on the walls & ceiling.

Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden2

Hatton Garden1

Who doesn’t love a special booth! Book me in now! This setting evokes a cosy balance between professional & homely, with its neutral-coloured walls and unusual furniture: beach chairs? Adorable. Think friends, coffee, cool-chic chit-chat.

Two John Street 

Ventia Ltd - Two John Street01

This lavish 17th Century Georgian building has been refurbished and now serves up the ‘wow factor’ with a unique medley of history and contemporary architecture:

This vista with its black walls and movie-like stairs make it the Diva of all spaces.

Ventia Ltd - Two John Street2


Covent Garden

Covent Garden1

Alright, you got me, I have a soft spot for rooftops. But who doesn’t? Especially when you have Covent Garden at your feet. This will truly get you dreaming about summer.

Burnham Beeches Hotel

© Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd

Traditional yet elegant, depending on the time of day, this hotel can immediately transport you straight into the 18th century.

If history doesn’t float your boat, you might be captured by the tall windows and their glorious abundance of natural light. Not to mention the view into 10-acres of landscaped gardens… summer, Pimms, strawberries and cream. Anyone for a tennis breakout session?

Warwick Street

Warwick Street

The futuristic aspect is the unique selling point of this setting: modernity oozes through its glass walls and luminous rooms.

The canteen style tables and chairs are also eye-catching, as they make for a warm ambience that encourages interaction between workers. Beam me up Scotty!

Warwick Street2

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