How To Be Productive From Anywhere

In a recent blog, I looked at the challenges of working on the move. So often, it seems like the perfect solution; you can plan your working time around dropping…

In a recent blog, I looked at the challenges of working on the move. So often, it seems like the perfect solution; you can plan your working time around dropping the kids off at school, getting to an event in a different city, saving money on a long term office space or to just cut out the dreaded commute.

It does do all of the above, and that’s why it is becoming so popular, but there are also many factors that you have to consider. We’re lucky in an office, because everything’s in one place, but the worst thing about workshifting is realising that you’ve forgotten something integral…

Below, I’ve put together your work-on-the-go checklist to make things easier and make sure you always have what you need, before you settle down to work.

Your device

Making sure your device is charged and able to work quickly and efficiently is important – a slow device is a problem when you are working on the go. Have a strong and safe bag to carry it around it because, without your laptop, you can’t even begin to work.


If most of your work is stored in the cloud, it may be good to have a backup copy stored somewhere else too, such as on a pen drive, so that if you don’t have internet connection, you can still access and edit your work. If you have some work on physical sheets, put it together in a folder so you know where everything is and nothing gets forgotten.


Invest in a diary and use it! Keep abreast of interview or meeting times, phone numbers of people you may need to contact and passwords you will need! If your phone battery dies, you’ll still have access to all of the vital information you need to get on with your job – and it will save you having to trawl through emails to find bits of information to piece together your day.

Reliable internet

If you’re at home, and have a good internet connection set up, it isn’t so much of a problem, but if you’re on the go, make sure you research where you will be able to get Wi-Fi at your destination. If you travel a lot and are short on time to find Wi-Fi areas (although many cafes, airport lounges and stations now have Wi-Fi) you may want to invest in a dongle so you can get instant internet access wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Phone connection

Is your phone charged? Do you have your phone charger? Organising this will mean you can conduct meetings and interviews when planned because communication with your team isn’t something which can be sacrificed when you’re working on the go.

Company areas

When logging into secure sites, such as your company’s database or email system, it’s important you check the links and passwords work if you are on your own device and network. Check before you leave the office or your home, so that you know how to do it and know it works, for when you need to access it again.


Do you have all of your digital equipment ready for a conference call or GoToMeeting appointment? Make sure you test the speed of your internet before you get to your actual call, as you don’t want to risk your professionalism and time if it doesn’t work.

Microsoft package or similar

Depending on your job, an IPad or Kindle device might be sufficient enough. But, if you need to do some written work, make sure your laptop has a Microsoft package or equivalent, as it prevents spelling and grammatical errors and losing your work if the internet crashes.

Plan space ahead

If you need to meet clients face to face during your trip, why not plan ahead and use a site like which is quick and easy, and secures you a space, in the right place, which is all set up and ready for your meeting. By planning ahead, you don’t have to sort any of the little details and your business looks smart, professional and prepared.

Workshifting isn’t an area you can compromise on or approach lightly – it needs to be planned! Working from a set-up office with on hand IT support and a stable internet connection is easy, but working on the go requires thought, preparation and – now you have our check list – you’ll always be ready to start. 

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