How has technology changed work-on-the-go?

Technology has been changing the way that professionals work and businesses operate for many decades but some of the latest innovations have been among the most transformative.

Let’s take a look…

Technology has been changing the way that professionals work and businesses operate for many decades but some of the latest innovations have been among the most transformative.

Let’s take a look at how and why today’s technologies have had such an impact on the way we work on the go.

More mobility

Being able to carry out complex and important tasks outside of a traditional office environment has long been a goal of corporate employers and small business bosses alike. In 2014, a huge range of professionals can complete much of their day-to-day work from mobile or eminently portable devices such as laptops or tablet computers.

While there are still some tasks that simply have to be tackled from a specified workplace, their number is dwindling daily and added mobility is throwing open a great deal of potential to professionals of all kinds. One tool that has helped move along the process is GoToMyPC, which grants remote access to a home or workplace computer to make office-based operating even less essential.

Anywhere access

Along with some of the latest mobile computing technologies and devices, cloud computing and online platforms such as GoToMeeting are helping to make it possible for business men and women around the world to communicate and use important enterprise systems from anywhere. Indeed, with so many crucial operating platforms virtualised, individual employees can remain constantly in touch with centralised systems and in many cases do the entirety of their jobs from anywhere.


Some professionals benefit more than others from the added flexibility of being able to work from anywhere and on any number of devices. But cloud-based services and virtualisation of key platforms allow for even the most geographically disparate of teams to collaborate seamlessly and with full visibility.

From a project management point of view, online platforms such as Trello and Teamwork are really opening up the scope of collaborative efforts and project work to reach well beyond traditional offices and even enter a global dimension. By now, in fact, there is nothing unusual at all in having teams of professionals working together on a daily basis despite being located on different continents.

Complete communications

There is still a lot to be said for the value of face-to-face meetings and taking time to get to know clients and colleagues. But there is also huge potential in some of the communications solutions that are becoming increasingly popular and common in workplaces, home offices and meeting rooms worldwide.

Video-chatting via Skype or Skype-like solutions makes business meetings a personalised and almost face-to-face process even if your caller happens to be thousands of miles away. And communications technologies might soon even succeed in bringing down the language barrier by integrating near-instantaneous translation solutions.

Quite where enterprise communications and computing solutions will take us next is anyone’s guess but it certainly looks likely that we’ll see ever more mobility, more powerful remote access and solutions that succeed in making the world seem smaller and smaller.

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