Our 1000th meeting room venue is…London’s CCT Venues!

CCT Bank Street

Remember your first 1000 Twitter followers? Yay!

Remember your first £1000 savings? Hooray!

What about your first 1000 air miles, you lucky travellers? Awaaay!

A thousand is a significant number. When it lands; we love to celebrate.

That’s why we want to tell you about our first 1000th venue here at meetingrooms.com: CCT Venues – Bank Street, Canary Wharf.

There’s something about having London at your feet that makes us feel our goals are within our grasp. CCT Venues doesn’t disappoint on that front: set in the heart of the city, Canary Wharf, the venue stands tall in the 32nd floor, overlooking London’s distinctive skyline. Looking down on the city beneath, you really do get to feel you could fly – no air miles needed.

Aside from the advantageous location, CCT Bank Street also boasts an elegant, contemporary design: it comprises a minimalist and spacious setting, with subtle bursts of colour that make the environment a stunning location for a memorable experience.

CCT Venues – Bank Street, Canary Wharf.

CCT Venues – Bank Street, Canary Wharf.

And to finish it off with another positive note, we’d like to congratulate CCT Bank Street, as they happen to be celebrating their 10th anniversary. So cheers to amazing achievements and milestones!

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